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Historic Royal Palaces Podcast

Historic Royal Palaces are a team of people who love and look after six of the most wonderful palaces in the world. This fortnightly podcast brings you the history and stories of those palaces.

You’ll hear from our experts and the people who bring our palaces to life, as we create space to explore how history moves us, telling stories about the monarchs you know, and uncovering the lives and histories of the people you don’t.

Just like our palaces, this podcast is a mix of old and new. Each episode will have a different feel, from previously recorded live talks, to exciting new discussions and discoveries. You’ll have every opportunity to share in the history we love.    

Explore more history and stories from our six palaces

Jan 18, 2024

For the next few episodes, we’re going to be following some of the people who work in our palaces today. We’ll be exploring how these jobs have a historic context to them, and how surprisingly, there are similarities in the work they do now, from the work that was done in the past. 

Today we meet Erin, Historic...

Jan 4, 2024

Hampton Court Palace has an unexpected connection to the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, the wedding of famous explorer Captain Scott and sculptor Kathleen Bruce took place in the Chapel Royal.

We follow Assistant Curator Minette Butler as she explores a shut-off part of the Palace, highlighting how new research...