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Historic Royal Palaces Podcast

Historic Royal Palaces are a team of people who love and look after six of the most wonderful palaces in the world. This fortnightly podcast brings you the history and stories of those palaces.

You’ll hear from our experts and the people who bring our palaces to life, as we create space to explore how history moves us, telling stories about the monarchs you know, and uncovering the lives and histories of the people you don’t.

Just like our palaces, this podcast is a mix of old and new. Each episode will have a different feel, from previously recorded live talks, to exciting new discussions and discoveries. You’ll have every opportunity to share in the history we love.    

Explore more history and stories from our six palaces

Apr 11, 2024

As lady-in-waiting to an ageing queen and wife to a failed adventurer, Bess Raleigh has learnt to fight her corner against all adversity. Her life is spent in the shadow of the Tower of London with her husband Sir Walter Raleigh. But will she manage to keep her head whilst others around her lose theirs?    


Mar 28, 2024

Outliers – Stories from the edge of history is an historic fiction podcast that explores how big events are viewed and shaped by the people in the shadows. 

It’s late spring in 1726 at Kensington Palace, and the lavish court of King George I is in residence. Meanwhile, Mehmet, the Turkish valet to the King,...

Mar 14, 2024

The practice of journeying around the country on royal progress is one that monarchs used to strengthen their rule. But they can reveal a lot more than you’d think about kingship and queenship, even for tried and tested subjects such as Henry VIII and his six Queens.    

We follow Post-Doctoral Research Assistant...

Feb 29, 2024

The Yeoman Warders have guarded the Tower of London for 500 years, and is perhaps the oldest of jobs that still exists in our palaces today. In this final episode of a Day in the Life, we meet the Chief Yeoman Warder himself, Rob Fuller, and Curator Charles Farris fills us in on the storied history of this role. 


Feb 15, 2024

Hampton Court Palace was built and maintained by craftspeople, and this is a practice that endures to this day at the palaces. We follow Master Bricklayer Emma Simpson into her workshop where she describes the joy of her work and how it connects her to history. We then hear from Assistant Curator Alexandra Stevenson as...