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Talks and Lectures

A wide range of podcasts from talks and lectures held at Historic Royal Palaces

Sep 18, 2014

Curators from the recent Georgian exhibitions at the British Library, the Royal Collection, the V&A and Historic Royal Palaces, including Lucy Worsley, put their case forward for who was the most glorious Georgian.

Chief Executive of Historic Royal Palaces Michael Day chairs this lively panel...

Sep 18, 2014

From flattery to scandals, and a string of mistresses, this eye-opening talk by curator Tracy Borman reveals the habits George I brought with him from Hanover, and what went into serving his court.

Sep 18, 2014

18th-century London was a tribal city of different districts, each with their own unique style and secrets.

Historian Matthew Green leads us into the intriguing world of royal St James’s during this enlightening talk held at...