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Talks and Lectures

A wide range of podcasts from talks and lectures held at Historic Royal Palaces

Jun 29, 2012

The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned explores the sensual women of the late Stuart Court, telling their stories of glamour, celebrity, love and beauty secrets. These are very modern preoccupations from which some queens, not least Queen Anne, herself, have suffered. Anne remains an overlooked monarch — overshadowed...

Jun 29, 2012


There were two sides to life at the court of Charles II, the glamorous elegance of fashionable court life, alongside the debauched reality of 17th-century behaviour. Throughout these hedonistic times, syphilis was widespread, and its effects devastating. Many who pursued the 

Jun 6, 2012

‘What a blessed invention photography is!’
— Queen Victoria, 20 March 1859

Dr Sophie Gordon on the history of early photography in this country through the images of Victoria and Albert as both collectors and sitters.
There are over 400,000 photographic images in the Royal Collection. One of the earliest...