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Talks and Lectures

A wide range of podcasts from talks and lectures held at Historic Royal Palaces

May 28, 2012

The English Monarchy is an ancient institution, dating back around 1,200 years. Today, England is the only European country where the monarch is still crowned according to an ancient coronation rite. In this insightful talk, distinguished journalist and political commentator Andrew Marr explores how the Queen has fashioned this historic role within contemporary society. Dissecting the Queen’s political relationships, Andrew Marr examines her crucial role as Head of State and as Head of the Commonwealth, and her deep commitment to that Commonwealth of Nations. Most particularly, however, he charts the drastic changes in the media since the Queen’s accession in 1952 and how the monarchy and the monarch have had to change and adapt as a result. Indeed, he argues that under the Queen’s watchful eye, the monarchy has been thoroughly modernized and made fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The talk is followed by a Q&A session, chaired by HRP curator Sally Dixon-Smith.